Because of my background in the motion picture industry, I bring a wide range of experience to many different types of photography from commercial to fine art. I particularly enjoy lighting, whether for portraits, commercial or wedding photography. Good light brings any subject to life.

In the digital realm I appreciate the complete control of the image available to the artist. In portraiture alone, so much can now be done to improve the subject's appearance that previously would have been prohibitively expensive. And most of my fine art work is the result of hours spent finding the right complements of color and tone for different parts of the image. The series "Reflected Landscapes" represents images I wanted to make for 25 years that, without the digital tools, would still exist only in my imagination.

I also love to do graphic layouts for my clients. The "Single Edition Equestrian Books" that I stared in 2003 are beautiful expressions of art and form. I make similar books for my Wedding clients. I hope to offer this service in the future to Port rait customers as a way of remembering a precious period in their child's development.

So the combination of experience and the digital toolset have made it possible for me to enter the world of photography and develop beautiful portfolios for my clients in the very short period since I started in 2000. I look forward to offering them to you.

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