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Horse Portraits by Rick Raphael
We make beautiful and distinctive portraits of horses for discerning clients. These images, printed on canvas, are often preferred to oil paintings for their realism and fine detail. Our giclée prints made with Canon Lucia pigmented inks are archival quality.

A classic portrait of your horse is an elegant work of art of lifelong value. Capturing your favorite in his most perfect form and bringing him to life is something that few other artists can offer and deliver. The portrait I create for you is an image that you will cherish for its beauty and truth to the horse.

Many of my clients have also had their horses painted in oils or pastels. Universally they prefer my approach as the photographic portrait captures the animal's real spirit, the light in his eye. In fact, most people who view my portraits think they are oil paintings.

Once you have commissioned a portrait we will discuss the posing and composition of your horse(s) and where in your home, office or stable you plan to exhibit the finished work. The composition and location will help determine the final dimensions of the image. I will make the portrait to any size you desire within the format you have chosen.

Horses are photographed individually against a painted muslin backdrop. A collection of approved ‘proofs’ are provided to select the pose that best represents the personality of each horse. The image of the horse is then separated from the background and adjusted for color, detail and contrast. It is then recombined with a background that compliments your décor and the horse’s coloring. Multiple images of the same horse or different horses can be combined in the same image. The final layout is sent to you via email for approval.

Once approved, your print will be struck on fine linen canvas and finished with an archival varnish to protect and water proof it. With appropriate care your print will last forever. Prints are shipped rolled and ready for mounting or stretching and framing.

I look forward to answering your questions. I thank you for the opportunity to create a dramatic, classic work of art that honors the horse who has ridden true for you in an image that will live with on for decades.
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Our approach to photographing your horse is always based on the lighting that is best for the animal. We photograph against a painted canvas backdrop or, occasionally, in a natural setting.
If the day is cloudy or overcast we may take advantage of the soft light. Otherwise we shoot interior in a training ring or outside around sunset, (magic hour) using our lights. We never photograph horses in direct sunlight.
It's important that we be able to coordinate with your schedule and the schedule of others at your facility. We need about an hour to get ready and usually spend 15 to 20 minutes photographing a horse.
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Our commission schedule is as follows:
One head in the portrait: $1500.00 Additional heads in the same portrait: $1500.00 each
Full body portrait: $2500.00
Portraits of you with one or more of your horses: $1750.00

Portraits are printed on canvas. Sizes up to 48" x 32" are included in the above prices. Over 32" (short dimension) add $300.00. (Prints over 54" in any dimension are a special quote.)

A 50% deposit is required prior to photography. The balance is due prior to shipping.

You will receive small proofs to make your decision about which image you would like to have finished. After you have made that choice you will receive the layout via email for approval. Once approved the image will be printed and then cured and coated for waterproofing and duarbility. At that point your card will be billed and the print shipped to you rolled for stretching and framing.

Travel and accommodations for Rick and Leslie are in addition to the commission fee unless you are available within 120 miles of our studios in New York City or Manchester, VT or if we are working a show in your vicinity.
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You can schedule a portrait of your horse by calling Leslie Fuller at 917-502-1737. She will discuss our availability and how we can best accommodate your needs. You may send an email to us but we will still need to speak to in person. Our preference is to travel to your stable and photograph your horse at his home.

Although we have in the past made portraits on location at the Vermont Summer Festival in East Dorset, VT this will not always be the case. We make a decision about that show each year in May prior to the show, so you should not necessarily plan on catching us there.
In 2010 we expect to be in West Palm Beach during the month of February (however we will not be working on the Wellingotn show grounds). Please contact us if you would like to schedule a shoot at your property in south Florida this winter.
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Call Leslie Fuller at: 917-502-1737 to schedule a portrait session.

Call Rick Raphael at: 917-797-3973 to discuss details of the photography of your horse.

You may send an email for answers to any questions you may have to
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Client Comments:

Barbara Spizzirro: Just got the portrait.....and I am awestruck!!! It is absolutely spectacular!! Granted I love it partly because it’s my boys....but I love the "feeling" of it's striking! They both just pop off the canvas....yet it looks so much like a painting. really is an incredible piece!
My friend had a very expensive oil painting of her horse made. When she saw my portrait she wished she had one like mine instead because it completely captures the horse.

Charlotte Williams: I love it!! My portrait of Guinness is displayed in the entrance to my home. Every one who comes in asks me, “Who painted that beautiful portrait of your horse?

Sheree Holiday

Susan Wheeler: “When people see the portrait they think it’s a window to the barn with the horse looking in! It looks so real they expect him to blink.”

Carolyn Ullerick:
Love it!! First of all…. It is absolutely stunning!!! It was a complete surprise and absolutely beautiful Rick… I also have this as my wallpaper on my computer and it makes me smile every time I log on.

Sam Miller:
Hi Mr. Raphael, This is Sam Miller. I am just writing to let you know that we received the portrait of Andy and it looks amazing. It turned out beautifully and I cannot thank you enough. Again, thank you for your amazing work.
I cannot express how much the portrait means to me after everything that has happened and will definitely refer you to anyone else that wishes to have their horse's portrait done.

Nadine Tull:
This picture is stunning! When we opened it, I just got chills. It was like the horse was in the room. I know that R.W. is going to be majorly pleased! I may have it framed and put it away for him for Christmas. In any event, I can't thank you enough for such a perfect rendering that will be cherished for a very long time to come.

Linda Evans: I want to thank you for doing a wonderful job on the picture. I absolutely love it!!!! It's perfect!!!

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Client Comments